KEBA Kemro PFD 35 floppy disk interface for ENGEL machinery

Old PFD35The original KEBA Kemro PFD 35 is a serial floppy disk drive unit used to interface with certain older models of ENGEL injection moulding machinery (particularly the EC88 and certain CC90 models).

Certain machines that do not have a built-in disk or cassette drive require a unit to be connected externally via the V24 interface for EBIAS, machine and mould data to be saved or loaded.

Unfortunately, the original Kemro PFD 35 unit is no longer in production and considered obsolete. For anyone who actively uses the older ENGEL machines and either does not currently own a PFD 35, has a PFD 35 that is broken, wants to move from 3.5″ floppy disks to USB memory or just needs a spare interface – may be interested to know that there is an alternative.

EC88We have a few older ENGEL injection moulding machines without built-in disk drives and were unable to find anyone willing to sell us an original PFD 35. When the lithium batteries on the motherboards failed requiring the EBIAS to be reloaded, we found ourselves in a difficult situation.

It was then we considered producing an alternative interface unit that would be a 100% compatible replacement to the PFD 35. After some R&D, a small number of these units were produced in 2012 and this website created for anyone who may be interested. Stock was depleted soon thereafter, as of September 2017; the units are in their fourth production cycle.

The alternative interface is available in 3.5″ FDD or USB. The FDD version has a standard 3.5″ floppy disk drive and works exactly the same as the original PFD 35 while the USB version has a USB interface for standard USB memory devices, such as memory sticks, allowing machine and parts data to be easily transferred and kept backed up without the need for obsolete floppy disks.

The unit is based off the original Kemro design and utilizes many of the same or similar components found in an original. In particular, the Oki 8085 processor, Western Digital floppy controller as well as the Oki Communications Interface IC’s are identical. In this way, the alternative unit can achieve complete compatibility.

Please check your Engel manual (technical or operators) if you are uncertain as to whether your machine is PFD 35 capable. It will be explicitly mentioned. This is not a compatible replacement for the DC-88 cassette drive; rather consider the emulation software available.

Each unit is sold new and has been tested on an ENGEL EC-88 machine (watch the below video for an operational demonstration). Even if you should already own an original Kemro unit or be considering purchasing a used original – it may be worth noting that, this alternative is built entirely of new, non-fatigued components, thereby ensuring a long service lifespan.

Version: Included Accessories:
FDD: Power cable, V24 Data cable, User manual
USB: Power cable, V24 Data cable, User manual, Memory stick with USB software

Operational voltage is 210-240v, 50hz or 100-130v, 60hz (country specific)

Front view of USB Interface

Front view of USB Interface

Front view of PFD35v2 FDD

Front view of FDD interface

Inside PFD35v2 FDD Model

Inside FDD model Interface

Rear-view of a PFD35

Rear-view of interface

Housed in a rugged powder-coated steel enclosure and featuring a convenient carry handle.


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 **Limited stock available, pending next production cycle**